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Fully automatic with smart software

Combine your solar panels and dynamic energy contract with our intelligent home battery. Chargeblock users buy, use and sell electricity fully automatically, saving an average of €40 to €120 monthly on their energy bills.

Fully automatic with smart software

Combine your solar panels and dynamic energy contract with our intelligent home battery. Chargeblock users buy, use and sell electricity fully automatically, saving an average of €40 to €120 monthly on their energy bills.

Unique software

With our Real-time (Solar) Energy Monitoring, track the energy flows from your solar panels or the grid directly through our easy-to-use app. Benefit from a dynamic energy contract that automatically trades on the electricity wholesale market for the best rates. Our advanced software and AI algorithm optimize your energy use and storage, aligned with current weather forecasts. All this is made possible by our Energy Management System (EMS), which allows you to take maximum advantage of solar energy and purchase energy inexpensively.

Monitoring and Optimizing Your Energy.

Real-time (Solar) Energy Monitoring

The power grid or your own solar panels – can you
monitor energy flows in real time. Easily monitor everything through our easy-to-use app.

Dynamic energy contract

Our system automatically trades on the electricity wholesale market, so you benefit from a dynamic energy contract.

Weather Forecasts

Our smart software optimizes energy use by advanced weather forecasting, with a special focus on maximizing the use of available solar hours.

Self-learning AI algorithm

Our AI energy pattern algorithm ensures that our system takes full advantage of the dynamic energy contract without compromising your own energy consumption.

Potential benefit of dynamic hourly rate

The simulation of the Dynamic rate shows that on a typical day, the hourly rates (Dynamic) are lower than the fixed rate during the night, from midnight to 6 a.m. (indicated in yellow). If you can consume energy during these hours, the Dynamic Rate offers a cost advantage and you can save money.

In contrast, the analysis shows that the cost of the Dynamic hourly rate is higher than the fixed rate during peak hours (6-12 am & 5-24 pm). This would make energy consumption during these hours more expensive with a dynamic contract than with a fixed-price contract. A dynamic contract is less attractive if you are unable to plan your energy consumption outside these peak hours.

Dynamic energy prices

Discover fluctuations in energy prices with our dynamic chart. Optimize your energy consumption and save costs!

Daily energy requirements

This diagram visualizes daily energy needs, essential for smart energy management.

Consumption and production diagram

Discover your energy balance at a glance with our consumption and production diagram – clear, convenient and informative.

Energy Management System

The smart link between your home battery and the grid

Optimal Efficiency from Solar Energy

Chargeblock allows you to store excess energy from your solar panels and use it efficiently when you need it.

Flexible Energy Trading

Chargeblock’s dynamic energy contracts allow you to take advantage of fluctuating energy prices. Purchase energy when it is cheap and sell it when prices rise.

How does EMS with dynamic energy pricing and solar storage help optimize my energy costs?

The EMS uses advanced algorithms to exploit dynamic energy pricing. At times of low prices, excess solar energy is stored in the battery. At peak prices, the stored energy is used, resulting in significant cost savings.

How does the EMS ensure that I always have a reliable power supply, even with fluctuating energy prices and irregular solar power production?

The EMS constantly monitors energy prices and available solar energy. In case of unexpected situations, such as high energy prices or insufficient solar power, the EMS can automatically switch to the most cost-efficient power source, ensuring a reliable power supply

How does the EMS adapt to changing weather conditions and their impact on solar energy production?

The EMS uses advanced weather forecasting to anticipate fluctuations in solar energy production. This allows the system to adapt to changing conditions and use stored energy efficiently.

Can EMS predict and adjust my energy consumption based on dynamic energy prices?

Yes, the EMS analyzes historical data and applies predictive algorithms to anticipate future energy prices. This allows the system to optimize energy consumption for maximum cost savings.

Does the EMS provide flexibility for different energy contracts and rate structures?

Yes, the EMS is designed to work with different types of energy contracts and rate structures. This allows the system to take full advantage of available energy resources and prices.

As a user, how can I best configure EMS to support my specific needs?

The EMS is configured based on the user’s specific situation and needs. Our specialists will work with you to set the optimal settings and parameters.

Does the EMS also provide insightful reporting on energy use and savings?

Yes, the EMS provides comprehensive reporting and analysis of energy consumption and savings achieved. This gives the user full insight into the performance of the system.

What does EMS stand for and what is it?

The EMS, or Energy Management System, has the capacity to integrate and manage various energy-related products. This includes solar panels, home batteries, heat pumps and electric vehicle charging stations. By placing a special box in the meter box, the EMS can take over communication from these devices. This fully integrates the products into the system and allows them to be remotely controlled and managed from our application. This allows users to optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs and contribute to a more sustainable energy economy.

When will EMS become operational?

We are still in the process of optimizing our software, but we aim to go live with our EMS by 2024.

10-year warranty

We stand behind our products. That is also why we offer a 10-year warranty

Smooth purchase process

Within 6 weeks, our technicians will install your home batteries

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